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Bodies and Teddies, Bras, Briefs, Combination Sets, Hotpants, Lingerie, Nightwear and Pyjamas, Strings and Pants, Suspenders and Garters and Womens Underwear
Tights Please are one of the largest online hosiery retailers, stocking hundreds of products including fashion tights, stockings, leggings, shapewear and much more. Tights Please have supplied hosiery to international celebrities, fashion designers, film makers and millions of customers! Tights Please are excited to be offering customers the chance to get all their favourite products at 40% off for one day only in this special flash sale!

Most Viewed Products

Snowflake Sexy Babydoll Nightie
  from £23.95
  Brand: Bedtime Flirt
  Category: Nightwear
Adore Me Sexy Gift Set
  from £89.95
  Brand: Bedtime Flirt
  Category: Womens Underwear
2 Pack Full Cup Non Wired LilacWhite Bra
  from £15.00
  Brand: Shapely Figures
  Category: Bras
2 Pack Full Cup Non Wired LilacWhite Bra
  from £28.00
  Brand: Shapely Figures
  Category: Bras


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