The scales are working and there are fresh batteries in the machine but there is an error showing OUT2 on screen.

This error message is usually caused by excessive moisture inside the scale casing. Try removing the batteries and leaving it in a warm environment for a couple of days. Alternatively open up the scales and use a blow drier to dry the insides out. Remember that these scales come with a 15 year warranty and if you open them up the warranty will be void.

Disc Electronic Black Kitchen Scale

Image of Disc Electronic Black Kitchen Scale

Disc Electronic Black Kitchen Scale

Perfect For Baking!

This scale is great if you are looking for consistency in your baking. Weighing each ingredient will ensure that you get perfect results every time. The best part is that you don't need measuring cups - just weigh each your ingredient, then set the scale back to zero and wiegh the next one. This scale can weigh up to 5kg in 1g increments or 11lbs in 0.1oz increments or 5litres in 1ml increments or 175fl.oz in 0.1fl.oz increments. This scale measures 16 x 18 x 2 cm and is powered by a single lithium CR2032 battery which is included. They are silver and black in colour and have a 4.2 x 1.7cm high LCD display.

Durable, stainless steel platform

The stainless steel platform is great for measuring directly onto the scale or for using a mixing bowl. Food portions and ingredients can easily be measured in this way. Stainless steel in easy to clean and maintain and is odour and stain resistant.


The Disc Electronic Kitchen Scale from Salter turns off after a few moments of inactivity to save battery power.

Zero / Tare / Add & Weigh

The zero button on the front of this digital kitchen scale can be pressed to ""zero out"" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This feature is useful if for weighing multiple items using only one bowl.


Salter provides a fifteen year warranty on this classy, modern digital kitchen scale. If you have a problem within the first 15 years of having this scale, simply contact Salter Housewares directly - remember you will need to have your proof of purchase handy.

Brand: Salter
Category: Digital Scales
Model: 1036 BKSSDR
Weight: 0.800 kg
Warranty: 15 years
Dimensions: 160mm (w) x 180mm (d) x 20mm (h)

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