Why is the coffee either too weak or not creamy enough?

The coffee you are using may be too coarsly ground. If that is the case, you can adjust it to a finer grain by doing the following: - Turn the grinding adjustment knob one click anticlockwise towards

Are you using the correct type of coffee? Use pre-ground coffee for espresso coffee makers or buy fresh coffee beans.

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S Bean to Cup

Image of De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S Bean to Cup

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S Bean to Cup

Fetauring a high performance 15 bar pump pressure in a stylinsh silver finish, this bean to cup coffee machine can be used with either fresh beans or ground coffee. It also boasts a removable 1.8 litres water tank and an Integrated professional burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness settings.

Brand: DeLonghi
Category: Bean to Cup Coffee Machines
Model: ESAM 4200
Weight: 11kg
Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions: 280mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 364mm (h)

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