I am looking for basic instructions on how to use this scale.

With its generous 15kg capacity and spacious ‘worktop saver style’ platform, not
only will this scale make light work of the heaviest weighing jobs, but it will also
allow you to weigh straight into your largest mixing bowl or even the bowl from your
food processor.

BEFORE FIRST USE: Remove battery isolator tab (if present). Insert batteries
ensuring +/- terminals are correct way round.

TO SWITCH ON: Place bowl on scale (if using a bowl). Press q/ZERO. Wait until
display shows 0.

TO CONVERT WEIGHT UNITS: Press UNIT to change between g, oz, ml and fl.oz.
The ml and fl.oz measures (where included) are suitable for all water based liquids,
eg. wine, stock, milk.

TO ‘ADD & WEIGH’ several different ingredients in one bowl: Press q/ZERO
between each ingredient.

TO SWITCH OFF MANUALLY: Press q/ZERO for 2-3 seconds. Auto switch off will
occur if display shows 0 for 1 minute or the same weight reading for 3 minutes.

Lo or Low power: Replace batteries
Err or O-Ld or EEEE Weight overload: Remove some weight
---- Negative load: Press q/ZERO to return to 0

CLEANING AND CARE Clean the scale with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse in
water or use chemical/abrasive cleaners

Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale

Image of Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale

Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale

These Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale from Salter can weigh a maximum of 15kg in 1g increments.

Brand: Salter
Category: Digital Scales
Model: 1079 WHDR
Weight: 1.720 kg
Warranty: 15 years
Dimensions: 350mm (w) x 260mm (d) x 30mm (h)

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