Image of Typhoon Retro Red Scales

Typhoon Retro Red Scales

These authentic retro red scales from Typhoon are finished in a 50's American diner style with a lavish red coating and silver accents. They use a traditional spring balance and are combined with oodles of bright red & polished chrome. A large circular dial with polished chrome rim dominates the base of these Typhoon Spring kitchen scales, displaying a variety of weight measurements enabling you to stick to all recipes with accuracy. A large removable brushed stainless steel bowl sits on top; it’s curved profile echoing that of the face, and providing contrast to the sharp angular lines of the base. These are solid and robust scales and will demand to left on show after they have been used!

Price: £12.34 from Amazon

Model: 30015   Brand: Typhoon

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Typhoon Retro Red Scales


Fine zero adjustmentMax capacity: 4kg/8lbsIncrements: 20g/1ozDeep polished stainless steel bowlClear, easy to read dial face

Box Contents:

1 x Typhoon Retro Red Kitchen Scales

Category: Mechanical Scales
Brand: Typhoon
Colour: Red
Max Capacity: 4kg/8.8lb
Increments: 20g/0.710oz
Styling: Retro
Units: Metric/Imperial
Bowl Included: With Bowl
Model: 30015
ASIN: B0001PY55U
Weight: 1.500 kg
Dimensions: 200mm (w) x 210mm (d) x 255mm (h)

Typhoon Retro Red Scales

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